Looking to Rent

If you are looking to rent a property please contact one of our team either by registering here or by calling us on 0208 965 0000.

We will take time to assess your individual requirements and suggest properties that best suit your needs and budget.  We feel its important for our tenants to know we pride ourselves on our honest and transparent service. Therefore below is the core information we feel you must know before looking to rent through Aspect.



All persons aged 18 years and over who will occupy the property must be named as joint tenants. Each tenant will be assessed for an equal share of the total rent payable for the property unless otherwise agreed. When applying to rent a property the Tenants agree to be bound by the terms contained within the Tenants Terms & Conditions which will given to you for your perusal should you find a property you are interested in.
In order to proceed with an application to rent a property, each tenant must provide references and two forms of ID. The first of these must be a passport or driving licence (either of these must show a photograph to verify the Tenants identity), the second must verify both the Tenants name and current address, in the form of a recent bank  statement or home utility bill.

Once the references have been concluded they are sent to the Landlord and should they be agreeable to the Landlord we will proceed in drawing up the Tenancy Agreement.

In some instances you may require a suitable guarantor in order to pass your references. If the Landlord is happy to agree to this arrangement your guarantor will have to undergo referencing also. A fee of £50 inc of VAT is due in order to proceed with the guarantor application.
The Guarantor must also provide us with two forms of ID as above.
Should the Landlord be happy with the concluded references the guarantor will be required to sign a copy of the Tenancy Agreement and will be bound to the terms of the agreement.

Administration Fees
The administration fees are payable at this time to cover the initial cost of taking up references, check out costs and drafting of tenancy agreements & administration. We are unable to return this fee to you should you subsequently decide to withdraw from the proposed tenancy, if your references prove to be unsatisfactory, or if you are unable to proceed in accordance with the terms of your original offer.
The fee applicable is £100 inc of VAT per applicant with a maximum of £400 per tenancy (Tenant 5 and above no charge)
When satisfactory references have been obtained we will prepare a Tenancy Agreement between the Landlord and the Tenant. An example of a draft tenancy agreement is available at our office for prospective tenants to read.
It is important that the Tenant reads the Tenancy Agreement fully and understands the content. We can help answer any questions you may have or you may also want to seek independent legal advice.
The Landlord signs one copy of the agreement and the Tenant (and where applicable the Guarantor also) will sign a duplicate copy. We must be in receipt of the signed agreements from both the Landlord and the Tenant (and where applicable the guarantor also) before the Tenancy Start Date in order to enable us to execute the agreements. We will send the Tenant’s signed agreement to the Landlord and the Landlord’s signed agreement to the Tenant.
Please note that Aspect are not party to the Tenancy Agreement as it is a contract between the Landlord and the Tenant.
It is important for each Tenant to recognise that a tenancy agreement is entered into on a ‘joint and several liability’ basis. This means that each Tenant has an equal responsibility for all terms and conditions sent out in the Tenancy Agreement and are liable for each other’s commitments.

Security Deposit
Before a tenancy commences, Tenants are required to pay a security deposit equivalent to 1 months worth of rent. The deposit is held against any damages or expenses arising during a tenancy and will not be released until after the tenants have vacated the property and all rent has been paid up to date. We lodge all deposits with Deposit Protection Scheme and proof of protection will be forwarded to you.

Tenants are responsible for all utilities unless otherwise stated which include Gas, Electricity, Water, Council Tax, Telephone and TV Licence charges. Whilst we endeavour to provide the Gas, Electric and Water utility companies and Council with the Tenants details once the tenancy has commenced, it is the responsibility of the tenant to ensure that these are in place.
Telecommunication companies will not accept instructions from third parties and therefore neither the Landlord nor Aspect can be responsible for ensuring that there is a working active line available to you.
All tenants should be aware of the responsibilities for the property during the tenancy. It is particularly important that any gas or electrical problems are reported immediately and the property is fully secure when left unattended. During the winter months, necessary steps must be taken to prevent the freezing of the water and heating systems.
The Landlord is responsible for having Building Insurance and Insurance for his own contents, but not the Tenants belongings.
Tenants are required to take out the appropriate insurance, which includes third party cover. Insurance must be in place as soon as your tenancy commences.


Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions regarding any of the above information